Delamar Nevada Ghost Town

Delamar was in the Ferguson district located on the W. Slope of the Meadow Valley Range in central Lincoln County. Farmers in the Pahranagat valley found gold in 1890, which led to the founding of the Ferguson Mining District the following year. When the news spread of assayed gold of $75 to $1000 in Pioche, the rush was on. The fist tent town was named Golden City on the west side of the Monkey Wrench Mine and shortly there after was another tent town, Helene with a newspaper, the Ferguson Lode, and a post office from June 1892 to December 1894.

Captain John De Lamar bought the claims for $150,000 in 1893 and pushed forward the founding of Delamar. One year later the Delamar Mine was in operation, helping to support the new newspaper, The Delamar Lode and a post office two months later. By 1895 the town was booming with businesses and stone buildings. At that time a fifty-ton mill was built that after it's first year in operation was handling around 260 tons daily. In 1897 a 400-ton cyanide mill was also built to keep up with the demand for milling. This created a large demand for water, after many attempts at drilling which all failed they built a water line from the meadow Valley Wash, some 12 miles and 1500 feet lower. The three and haft inche pipeline had three booster stations of which Finlay was one of them. The pipeline only produced a forty-gallon a minute supply for the town, which was very inadequate to help the mills.

Because of the lack of good ventilation and the dry process milling, a silica dust cloud hovered through the mill and mine tunnels. The dust better know as "Delamar Dust" caused the fatal silicosis which killed so many miners that the town soon acquired the name "The Maker of Widows", later known as The Widow Maker.

By 1897 the town had grown to 3000 and supported everything from saloons to professional offices. They had many mule-team frights coming in with supplies from Utah and the stages were hauling out the bullion on a regular basis. After 1897 a mule-team wagon with a five-ton safe was used. In the spring of 1900 a fire burnt over haft of the town down, but it was only partially rebuilt. Then two years later Captain John De Lamar sold his mines. The new owner built a new 400-ton mill in 1903 to keep Delamar third in the ranks with Goldfield and Tonapah leading. In 1909 the Bamberger - Delamar mine and all had come to an end. All total there was around $13.5 million taken out and this included the $600,000 which came from a short revival between 1929 and 1934.

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In the earlier days when the road came up from below through the wash, you will find the original Cemetery. The Old Cemetery

Later in years after the road washed out, or for what ever reason they move it to the ridge from the north is where you will find The Later Day Cemetery

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