DeletingCancelling My Account On Ebaum's World

Dear Sir Or Madam, I must delete/cancel my account on  Please email me at or call me @ (727) 845-0976 to inform me of how to do this or if I may not.  My user name is Blue0810 and I have already written an email message to, here is a copy of that email:

Subject: I would like to delete my account

Dear Sir or Madam, after carefully reading the terms of use and I'm still not comprehending how to delete my own account, I ask that you please cancel/delete my account, if possible.  I created it, today.  My username is blue0810.  I will provide more information if my profile isn't enough.  I don't prefer to give out my password by email.  If there is another way to delete/cancel my account myself, please let me know and I will do so promptly.  My reason is I don't wish to use this site any longer.  Thank you, in advance, for any/all courtesies you may extend.  Sincerely, Arthur John Rango, Jr.

No one has responded, as yet, to my first request to  My reason for deleting/canceling is still the same as in the copy that is provided in this email message (I wish to no longer use this site.)  I look forward to hearing from you.  With appreciation, Art

Uploaded 07/22/2008
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