Democracy is NON-negotiable

  Hey Egypt, you guys wanted democracy, and all but begged for our help with ousting Mubarak... REMEMBER? Freedom of speech and religion is not up for debate! So why, then, is it okay for you to get so pissed at someone outside of your country, with no ties to Egypt at all, for making a movie that pokes a bit of fun at Muhammad, but in turn openly condemn Christianity, and protest and riot and desecrate our flag like it's our fucking fault for letting people express their rights on an open and public forum? We don't burn your embassies to the ground, or kill your ambassadors in return for all the ignorance you put on display for the rest of the world to see... because we believe in FREEDOM. Jesus Christ, if we had such a huge damn problem with Islam here or ANY other religion I'm sure we would have been through about ten civil wars by now, but thank God I live in a country where we can actually respect someones different religious views even though we don't have to agree with it, or any of their opinions quite frankly. And in the process not have to be terrified of being executed by doing so! Say it with me Egypt... Dem-oc-ra-cy, not hyp-oc-ra-cy... Get a clue you idiots, and while you're at it please go fuck yourselves hard and deep! 
Uploaded 09/14/2012
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