So here is my new issue.  I was at the dentist the other day and I have to say "WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH HOT DENTAL HYGIENISTS."  I am absolutely in love with all the hygienists at my dentist office.  I am going for cleanings like every 8 weeks just so I can see them.  Perhaps one of them will brush some spectacular boob on my cheek or head and if I am lucky I might even get to peek inside if the air is warm enough.

This phenomenon gave me pause to think, why have such hot hygienists?  Is it to distract me from subpar dental work or is it more of a courtesy.  Seeing as how the bill is basically screwing me without even spitting first, maybe the sexy quotient is there because the dentist feels like he owes me.  I have never had reason to think that i was receiving anything but the top notch dental care but I do wonder!

This part really confuses me, why would so many strikingly beautiful women decide to dedicate their lives to cleaning peoples teeth.  Knowing how bad my own breath can get I can only imagine somebody with less then great personal hygiene would be terrible.  Then there are the smokers and people with actual mouth problems.  I could not even imagine kissing my spouse after a long day of having my hands in a bunch of gross disgusting mouths.  Could it be that they have some kind of weird obsession with mouths or filth?

I do my best to flirt with them, even though I have no game (been married for 8 years, lost all game).  They do nothing short of making me feel like a total porn star, flirting right back and making me think that I have a shot.  I know I dont but it sure feels good to lie to myself for a half an hour.  Do they flirt like strippers on purpose; is this something they are taught in school, am I supposed to tip?  If I was constantly surrounded by gorgeous women all day at work then I can't understand how dentist have the highest rate of suicide in the working world.  The last thing I would be thinking about would be suicide, more like finding the nearest locked off to rub one out in, or even going to the next level and trying it on with all of them.

I have had 4 dentists in my life and the phenomenon has appeared at all dentists, it seems that it be a hygienist you must be gorgeous.  Does anybody know if this is discriminatory, like working at hooters?  You have to figure that some ugly women must have thought about getting in to the profession or at least the ones their must get old and loose their looks but this does not seem to be the case.



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