Desensitised, what is next???????????

I heard today that in some country they are going to have a tv show on about all the foods Adolf Hitler liked to eat. The only thing this piece of crap should have eaten was a really large Bullett. This is just another example of the way we as human beings get desensitised to things, put them right out there in front and do it over and over until it just becomes part of everyday life. I look at the subject of socialism which is on eveybodys tounge and the opinions are rather startling to me but once again its out there over and over and now nobody is shocked to hear it. I would like to blame our school systems for not teaching history because if people would rememeber, socialism and Hitler would not be taken so lightly and you can bet your ass that Hitler would not be getting a show about his favorite foods. But you see I am wrong because people do remember and they still dont care, I hear people say that Bush and his government has done all these things and what do people think is the answer? To put somebody in office who wants the government to be even more involved in our lives, I am just wondering when common sense went out the window. OK I digress back to the topic, we are bombarded with crap so fast and regular that we dont even see it any more. I dont know when it happened but it has, look at homosexuality and now when ever you turn the tv on BAM two guys or two girls kissing and it was done so much and so often that we dont even notice it. Stay with me I am rounding the corner..........So now I have given you a couple of examples and here is the question WHO descides what we want to be desensitised too? I am not so willing to let my government make these choices for me and I know, just change the channel and if it was just TV then that would be one thing but it is everywhere.


Now if you have read this all the way through, you could argue about my examples  Obama, homosexuality and even my commments about Hitler but what I want you to take out of this is PAY ATTENTION and YOU descide what you will or wont be desensitised too.


Thanks for reading Bohank Sorry about spelling but I cant get my spellcheck to work.

Uploaded 10/28/2008
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