Detention for Matt Damon

I just saw the featured vid where Hollywood actor Matt Damon is passed off as "smart" regarding
his views on education and the teachers' union.

I know this site is built off random nuts' stupidity, but for fuck's sake...

The implication here is Damon really knows what he's talking about, all based on... wait for it... A rich, Hollywood actor's big words and gusto. To simpletons, it looks impressive and of course, is misconstrued as "smart".

Now obviously, if you're talking the reporter broad's attempt to put a rich actor and someone like a teacher on the same level regarding job security, yeah, that is pretty fucking lame. And I mean lame on two levels: One, because teachers have better job security than he does.

Second, cuz everyone else in this country is struggling. Actors making millions per film don't really have to worry about how they'll pay bills and eat, with or without more movie deals.

But even worse than that, the real problem here lies in this pretentious asshole Damon actually lecturing this bitch on what a teacher in this country is all about, which I can tell you right now, is pure bullshit. This guy doesn't have a fucking clue. It sounds nice, but really? Sorry to say, it's a whimsical assumption he runs off with like it's fact.

It ain't.

Throwing in some nice, long words doesn't change it, either. How would I know?

As someone who worked in the school system for years, I already know the educators are a big part of the problem.

Sure, no one wants to hear that cuz they all think of teachers in these whimsical ways. They imagine what a teacher is supposed to be, and complain to legislators that it isn't right to cut benefits, impose far more testing, etc. Alas, this shit isn't on the table because teachers are all like Mary fucking Poppins. It's on the table because most educators are FAR from what YOU, as the taxpayer, should be expecting.


A column writer in the NY Post recently stated that people need to stfu regarding the states' cracking down on educators and their abilities, certifications, and benefits. Reason being that education always was, and is especially now in bad times - far less about educating kids and far more like an adult employment program.

Holy shit, I couldn't have said it better myself.

Teachers in this country get stellar hours, nice pay, the best benefits your tax dollars can buy, and more vacation time in a year than my own parents have gotten in TEN. They don't have to worry about losing their Christmas vacation, making less than they hoped that week, being turned away by doctors cuz of bad insurance, or standing on their feet all day. It's a desk job, easygoing environment, and unless you're stationed in a Special Ed school? You have it fucking MADE.

And then, of course, they have tenure. Which is what every teacher's dream really is. To stick it out for several years and make that goal, virtually ensuring they can never be terminated and earn even MORE perks.


A Special Ed environment is where I was working - three teaching assistants to one teacher - and only 6 students. Sure, it was difficult trying to tame those fucking animals. But where our job descriptions were more secretarial, we were constantly used for what this fat ass teacher was being paid for. Not only did that bitch have the easiest job in the world, but it was only after working in that school that I discovered these people were the nastiest, dumbest, most selfish, insecure, immature, and inept people I've ever known on a job site.

It ruined me, as far as wanting to partake in the educational system.

I've met more controlled psyches on my job at McDonald's. These are the people in charge of our children's education. They have EVERYTHING, and constantly want more. For fuck's sake, I actually met an administrator at a CRACK HOUSE one night. Yes, accompanying a using friend to the ghetto, we headed to a crack house, where I only recognized this one woman because she was none other than an administrator from the state. Small world!

I have several friends with the same damn goals. One guy I know just received his teaching degree, and got a job at a local elementary school. He hates kids, doesn't make a good teacher, has no patience, and to be honest? Is a major fucking whore with issues. The reason he went from computer sciences to education?

It's an easy degree, great pay, great benefits, laid-back, and he can get weekends and all vacation days off. That's it. It's for job security. Insurance. Little stress. And tenure in 3 years.


This is what people think about when considering a career in education in this country. How they will affect a generation is far, far down the list. And then taxpayers have the balls to tell reps. to lay off, and blame millions of kids for poor grades, bad behavior, and a severe lack of social skills and common sense.

Now far be it from me to say that EVERY educator is like this. I'm sure there are great teachers out there, who know what they're doing and reach out to aid EVERY child in their class... it's just that I've maybe met only one or two in my lifetime.  Certainly none when I WORKED at a school. And I'm positive it's the same for you.

That's what needs to be changed, and quick.

Uploaded 01/21/2012
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