Deunan's love life...

Or the lack there of I should say. Being single again is some really scary shit! After 17 years of marriage how could it be otherwise? The dating thing doesn't seem to be as simple as it once was. Oh, I dated one woman for about 3 months. I was told I was "too nice", which meant, in female terms, there must be something wrong with me.

I am the sterotypical "nice guy". I buy flowers for my girl. I ask how her day was and really pay attention when she tells me about it. I like to cook. I like cats. I have never and will never raise a hand to her. I show interest in the things she likes, even if I don't like those same things. I get joy out of seeing her enjoy life. I don't care if she works or stays at home. If she works I support her in whatever it is she decides to undertake. I like the occasional chick flick. I am the point my buddies make fun of me, but I don't care what THEY think, I care what SHE thinks.

By now you must be thinking I'm a mousey little nerdy guy. Not really. I'm no giant of a man though. I think I'm pretty average. Age IS setting in though. My once blonde hair is now strikingly white. I have a goatee, most of that's white now too. I am in good physical condition. I walk, run, bike, hike and workout. I can keep up with the 20 year olds on the courts at the YMCA. I have tattoos and would like to get more. I live for football season.

Is it that I have become too picky? Maybe. I'm not the type of guy that's just looking to get laid. Don't get me wrong, sex is great, but it's so much better when you have a TRUE connection with your partner. I've been laid ONCE (lol) since the divorce and that was with the ex!!!

Friends tell me to "get a young one." Fuck that. One buddy, in his 30's, has an 18 year old girlfriend. She's a child! I don't know how he can stand it. They can't have a real conversation and her immaturity is just plain sickening. I rarely drink so I don't troll the bars. The whole social thing is dominated by the 20 somethings nowadays.

Don't get me wrong, women do like me, for a while anyway. I think they are so used to being treated like dirt that when they find someone who treats them properly they don't know how to handle it and run off with the first dickhead that comes along. No, I'm not a relationship expert, obviously. I'm not a perfect man, nor am I looking for a perfect woman. I don't know what I'm looking for.

Been wanting to dump this outta my brain for a long time now. Let the trolling begin!!!


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