The past few days I haven't been feeling like myself. I kept a brave face for Servine, but the pain was almost too much to bear. But I could not keep up the charade for long, collapsing infront of the feeders in a heap of convulsions. Humiliating. Over-reacting as feeders do, they rush me out of my domain and into a cold environment. One that I haven't been to in four years. There they poked and prodded me, drew the very blood in my veins and made me eat questionable things which made unspeakable things when I returned to Anna. It stretched on for hours before they LEFT me there! For days I was poked, prodded, drained of my blood and fed questionable items. Then I was sent home, as if nothing had happened. But suddenly, things were different. Things were VERY different. The food they provided me became even blander, and right after eating they'd shove liquid and some white thing down my throat. And every week, I was forced to return to that cold place where they forced me to pee and poked and prodded some more. Have they caught on to my superior intelligence? Only time will tell what they plan to do with me...

Uploaded 03/09/2011
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