Diablo 3 Vs. Skyrim

Today's role playing games usually follow a fantasy-themed story, with warriors, dragons, monsters and magic. There are exceptions, since Fallout and Vampire: The Masquerade are RPG too and they kick ass. The RPG game today is a game where you role play (like the name suggests) a character you wish to create in the game's world you'll explore. There, you will level up and gain traits, new weapons and armor. That's basically what an RPG game is.

You've probably waited for Diablo 3 for a long time.  That's one of the marketing strategies used to get attention from consumers - "sorry, we want this game to be legendary, not just awesome." Typical bull shit and delaying of the premiere. The next aspect is the game play - you need it to be simple, something for the gamer who wants to finish it in a few days, but also for someone who  plays it longer, even for months. Diablo 3 isn't much of an RPG game. You don't role play. You choose a character you don't get to modify (choosing the face, for example) - you have 5 classes and you can select a gender for each one. That's it. The leveling system was so simplified that you don't need to bother choosing the right traits like in Skyrim (where you specialised in certain attributes) - in Diablo 3 you level up and the traits are chosen by default.

Skyrim is known for its vast locations, characters and beautiful graphics (especially the landscapes). Can you tell the same about Diablo 3? I guess not, because the game does generate random parts of dungeons, and other than that, it's the same generic parts you go through in the order set by the game's authors. The locations are small, the enemies look alike and attack you in numbers. Lots of colors, effects, that kind of stuff. 

The most enjoyable part of playing Skyrim is the way you control the character. You move, run, sneak, mount a horse. You get to travel. During encounters with enemies you can use tactics or even a strategy - combine the environment and its traps, your spells or use the advantage your weapon gives you, perhaps the enemy won't see your first strike and it is deadly. The battle system in Diablo 3 isn't this complex. You point on the enemy you want to kill and click on it. You choose different powers, but basically, you point and click to kill. That's a typical, simplified hack'N'slash.

Then what is the reason so many people play Diablo 3 and enjoy it, despite the many bugs and errors? It's simple. What is used here is subliminal brainwashing. You level up and get more traits. You also get a promise of better powers as you level up again. You want to get the better powers to strike your enemies down easier. You then fight with weaker enemies that don't get you XP points. So you get on a higher difficulty level and fight the same game to get better armor and equipment. So you stand a chance against your enemies that you've fought before. So your left-clicks are more powerful. 

The World of Warcraft players are often subject to ridicule. No wonder. They are weak-minded and usually fat (because they spend a lot of time playing the game and eating junk food). With Diablo 3 you have the same concept of the game. Different world, characters, story - but the plan is simple: get as many people as possible to play and get them addicted to the game.

I played Skyrim for weeks and concentrated on the side quests and guilds before I had the whim to get to the dragon I trapped in Dragonreach and fly on his back to fight Alduin. The game is awesome, vast, unique and... single player. That's basically the only flaw in Skyrim. Bethesda is planning to launch a multiplayer The Elder Scrolls game and if it's gonna be like Skyrim, it might be the most brilliant video game in history.

Is Diablo 3 a disappointment? Not to everybody. I'm sure many will enjoy playing it. I'm surprised how lame and repetitive the game is. It's basically a simplified Diablo 2 with better graphics and without a necromancer. I was eager to play it and me and Tawpa even made our Ebaumsworld Diablo 3 clans before the game premiered. After the open beta, I knew the game is shit. Of course, it has a lot of advertisement pushing it straight to popularity. Clips about it already going viral, attention whores doing clips of themselves copying the old rage clips from YouTube.

Will Diablo 3 be a hit? It already is. It already has a stupid meme, where you get an error 37 from the server. It's no arrow to the knee, but Diablo 3 is no Skyrim

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