Dicking around

Imagine this... you have two penises. And now you are about to marry the woman of your dreams. Do you chop down your extra cherry tree?

This 24-year-old dude in India is doing just that! He wants to surgically remove his "bonus" penis so he can marry and live a "normal" sexual life.

WHY?!!! Why be "normal" when you can be outstanding?!

The Times of India reports that the dude has an extremely rare medical condition called penile duplication or diphallus. And we're not talking about 1 penis plus a non-functioning nub-penis. He's got 2 fully-working wankers! We're talking about double-barrel shotgun action here!

Diphallus is known to occur among one in 5.5 million men.

That means in New York City, there are about 2 guys walking around with a spare jammy in their underpants! Ladies? For you this is like hitting the Lottery! Ding Ding Ding!! You won TWO Ding-a-lings!

I think when they remove the penis, they should donate it to someone under-privileged and under-penised. Like a poor transgendered person or something.

I can't believe this guy wants to put his salami under the deli slicer! He could be the next famous Calvin Klein underwear model. You know those huge ads they have in Times Square? Well everyone is so used to seeing some dude in his underwear... you need something different to make people stop to pay attention to your ad. EVERYONE will do a double-take and be like, "Is that? No. Could it be? No way!!"

A guy with 2 dicks? It's not fair! I mean, I ONLY have 1! The original newspaper report only said that he had 2 penises. It didn't say WHERE the other penis was located. For all we know it could be on his knee and he looks like a telephone pole.

I WISH I had 2 penises! That would be so cool! You could do a girl in her in butt and vagina at the same time!

And another thing about having 2 penises is that you can pee on her and cum on her AT SAME TIME. This is R Kelly's dream!

Man, having 2 dicks is so fucking awesome! I could pee in 2 urinals at once. And I could pee my name AND your name in the snow! Or I could pee in different fonts!

I think it would be cool if he named his 2 penises. Like Hard & Sticky or Milli & Vanilli. It's cool to have 2 wieners and all but when the penises touch each other... that's gay. But wouldn't it suck if each penis was only 2 inches long? My thinking is that the dude does NOT want to remove his bonus penis. The future WIFE wants one jammy removed because it's twice as much work for her during oral sex.  

REASONS WHY HE SHOULD KEEP BOTH PENISES* Because 2 heads are better than 1 * So he can become the greatest porn star on Earth

This will spawn an entire category of porn not seen since the advent of inter-racial anal Asian midget sex!

Or maybe he's getting one penis removed but he will re-attach it later... to the original penis. So now both of his penises will be sewn together to create 1 super long Frankenpenis.  


Probably because he was tired of jerking off like he was milking a cow's udders. Now here's an important question: Does he have 4 balls or 2 balls?

Like 1 ball per penis? 2 nut bags? Or maybe he has 1 giant Santa Claus sack o' nuts.

The dude is 24. You gotta wonder: Why didn't his parents remove 1 of his penises when he was a child?

Mom gives birth and the doctor sees double-trouble down there.

DAD: Sweet!

MOM: Let's have them remove it.

DAD: No! Son, you will able to accomplish what I never could... he needs to keep it. He's got a back up dick! Maybe this guy is our genetic future?

Is HE the next stage in the evolutionary process?

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