Did I Break Rule 7?

   Last night I was beyond bored and decided to create an Ebaums' account with this picture of O.D.B. as my avatar. (Old Dirty Bastard from the Wu Tang Klan for you elderly folks out there) I watched, rated, and commented on ...........I don't know maybe 400 videos or so. I called everyone crackers and honkies, you know, things like that. I AM WHITE, so it was entertainment for me to post ignorant rude derogatory remarks from the view of a fictitious black alter ego. The feedback received was quite entertaining. If any of you are ever seeking a form of enjoyment at the expense of the extremely stupid, give it a shot one night. You might have a good laugh. For those of you that took offense, man up STFU and don't take seriously what pops on your computer screen typed in by the fingers of someone you do not know and will likely never meet. Is that a double negative? Anywho, I will put O.D.B. back in his resting spot until I can no longer handle th...........Got a pm from some lame know everything about race relations genius, gotta run. Thanks for reading...punctuation and grammar nazis leave me be....its 4:52 a.m.      
Uploaded 11/18/2011
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