Did we really earn it?

Yes this is another one of my irrational hippy blogs.  If you aren't a fan of my blogs of this nature, so be it.  Just don't be surprised if your continued criticism of me and my way of thinking goes without the conclusion you are after.


With that being said... Here goes nothing...


I talk a lot about greed, money, and more importantly the people being harmed by this. I also talk a lot about our own needs, and what we thrive for.  In response, people often tell me that they have earned everything they have, worked hard to get it, etc etc.

I didn't argue this until now.  Did we actually earn everything we have?  I say no.

We didn't earn everything we have. Generations before us have built the foundations in which we stand on.  I'm not really talking about the wars that gave us freedom, but the civilized development that separates us from poor countries.  We have transportation, schools, an economy structure that allows us to make money to buy from the largest inventory of goods this world has ever seen.  Sure with all of those things, we do need to put in effort in order to take advantage of them.  We need to work jobs.  Jobs we probably don't like.  We do have to spend years in school to get those jobs.  We do have to insure the cars we drive... but does that mean we earned it?

I say this because there are people who work harder than us, who have much much less.  In fact there are people that do not have a chance.  They do not have the schools we have, the jobs we hate, the car to travel in.  They don't have them, because it isn't available to them.  Be it war, politics, natural disaster.... whatever... they were just born into a situation in which there is no escape.  Their only hope is to come to a place like ours, and do what we do.

A lot of people hate immigration.  They see our economy like it is, and think that because they can't do what they feel they deserve, that there is no more room for others to do better either.  I too thought that it was bad for immigrants to come here to "steal our jobs"... or "take advantage of our way of life".  And I thought it was because they were lazy, and more so that I was entitled to this countries benefits more than an outsider.

I now realize that I am extremely fortunate to live here.  I am fortunate to have everything available to me.  I am because others are not.

I just read a blog that inspired this one.  It spoke about why we shouldn't give to certain charities.  If we give to people, it will only add to the problem.  They will become dependent, and soon thereafter unappreciative. It was also said that if we give food to the starving, they won't die, and will have a bunch of starving children that we will then have to feed.  They spoke of the less fortunate as if they were cattle waiting for the slaughter.  The thought sickened me.  When you say things like that, you really aren't seeing it from the point of view of those who are suffering.

Try thinking of it this way.  Instead of another mouth to feed, think of the able body who is able to go out and gather food.  We wish the best for our children.... and I really can't see someone so destitute thinking "well since people are going to feed us, we should have more babies, because it will be ok".  I think that when I see an unappreciative welfare case, not working just because the government has a welfare system.  I see that when I think of someone who lives an ignorant and lazy life... words thought to be unheard of in a very poor community.  These people aren't looking for handouts because it's easy... they are looking for handouts because that's the only way.

  I don't understand how someone who has so much, can say that the solution to this problem is to allow people to die in order to diminish the population of those in need. That's exactly like saying we should lay off a bunch of workers, to save the profit margin.  We have enough... enough luxuries and opportunity, enough resources, enough shit.  Enough to share with those who do not have any of that.  I've seen enough morbidly obese people, and enough starving children to prove this point.

While we fight for lower taxes, jobs, and the filling of pot holes, others are fighting for food.  It's not the same mentality. We are the people of indulgence, they are the people of poverty... surely we can find a better balance.

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