Did you wear School unifrom ever?

As all we know , Japans anime is a part of its culture , Do you ever hear of this anime Japanese school uniform . Maybe it will remember you of your school age time .

Whether your school requires you to wear uniform ? Almost all school in Australia , require uniform , public school give more flexible uniform requirement .

I am Chinese , my high school require we must wear light blue uniform with black leather lace-up school shoes, we girls have to tie back our hair if it is long etc. Asian countries schools nearly need students to wear school uniforms , especially in Japan . And Japan girls tend to be as keen on their uniforms .

I dont know why ,when I see some photos where they wear Japanese school uniform ,I usually recognition they were cosplaying . Maybe Japans cosplay culture result in my thought .

The typical Western thing to do when talking about school uniforms is make a crack about the pressure to conform that Japanese face as exemplified by their fashion, but maybe someone dont think thats terribly relevant here, honestly.

Plus, with all the idealized school uniforms seen in anime, the idea of the dolled-up school uniform gets a lot of exposure. Of course I searched such a lot of pictures , some AVs wear Japanese school uniform, absolutely sexy and voluptuous .

We can see Crayon Xiaoxins mom wear a japanese school uniform, ^o^ ^o^ ^o^ ,its funny and . Now most of us have been job , We cant return to our school uniform age , the only thing we can do is remember it . - -

guys, did you ever wear school uniform?

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