Digital Dreams

I don't believe in the interpretation of dreams. That is, I consider it rubbish to link the instance of, say, a unicorn in a dream to some sort of childhood trauma.

As far as I'm concerned, a dream is nothing more than your brain turning into a giant pinball every night, careening through the ramps and pathways of your existence and bouncing off the bumpers and flippers that are your scattered memories. Dreams are random displays of events and images, nothing more.

The only acceptable correlation between dreams and real life, I'm convinced, is that when it starts raining in your dream, it's time to get up and use the restroom.

Dreams are basically a Salvador Dali-esque slideshow of your experiences, mixing the recent with those from the deep recesses. This is why some of my more recent dreams -- the ones that I can remember, of course -- are fascinating to me.

First I must explain: I am a device addict. I live on my iPhone and my iPad to the point where I become antsy if I'm separated from them for too long. Scoff all you want; that's the way it is. My life is about the interface between me and the digital world, a series of swipes and scrolls and taps and pinches (for the device-less, that's how you get around on a touchscreen device).

Lately it appears that this digital interface has found its way into my dreams. Usually in my dreams I'm on foot (I guess), wandering around the ever-shifting dreamscape as if on a gonzo museum tour. Now I find myself floating a lot, with the images and locations of my dreams floating around me. If I come across an image or locale that doesn't entertain me, I'll simply push it aside, rather than walk away. Lots of data floats in bits and pieces in front of me.

Then, of course, it starts raining and I have to get up to use the restroom.

There is nothing profound to be obtained here. As I've said, I don't believe that dreams are viewports into our souls. I just think it's cool that my recent digital experiences have found their way into the sleepscape.

By the way, what is your take on dreams? Do you believe in dream interpretation? Do you keep a dream log or share your dreams with others in hopes of gaining insights into your life? Share your thoughts.

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