Me and my girlfriend have been together for four years. Everything's been great until recently. I had to move to a different city to work with my friends' band. She plans on moving here soon, but wants to finish school first.Recently I've heard that she's been hanging out with one of my friends a lot. Going out to lunch/dinner, seeing movies, and playing the vidya. I've never really suspected anything, but have been really insecure as of late.Last weekend I decided to come down for a visit and not tell anyone so I could check up on her without her knowing. I found out she was going over to my friend's place and I have a spare key to his apartment so I'd go in and see for myself.The night I got into town I went straight to my friend's building and went up to his door. I heard voices inside but no lights in the living room. I let myself in quietly and saw the glow of the tv on from my friend's room down the hall. I walked over and peeked in to see what was up and saw that they were on the bed playing Capcom vs. SNK 2 on my ps2. The green power light kept flickering on and off and would never stay a solid green.Is this a problem I can fix myself, or do I need to call Sony? Thanks in advance.

Uploaded 06/14/2009
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