Dirty Goodnight Kisses

Well, I have been having a reaccurring bad thought that I just can't seem to keep out of my head and I would love it to hear some input or help on the matter.

It starts out like this: I am a kid again and thats all great. My family and I eat dinner together, watch television and then its lights out. My mother is a great lady, and after the ussual toothbrushing, story-reading routine she tucks me into my bed. Well, like most children I manage to fall asleep right away. Sounds pretty good right? It gets complicated. Say for instance I was to wake up in the middle of the night with the whole monster-under-the-bed scare, and call for my mom. She comes to calm me down and after finally getting me to feel safe in my room, she just so happens to give me a good night kiss. Well, heres my point: how can I be sure that my mom didn't get get done giving my dad a blow-job? How can I sleep at night now, all of these years later knowing that all of those middle of the night kisses might have been, in fact, post felatio contaminated. Now I know a lot of you might think that this seems a little disturbing, but have you ever thought about it yourself? If you have kids of your own, you know how after the kids go to bed that generally means its time to get busy. Is there a chance that your goodnight kisses where semen-laden as well? That's my burden. I can't seem to wash the unclean feeling away. and now that I am thinking of it- what about our dads? Post cunnilingis kisses are probably even more germ filled. Sleep well tonight, and try to remember not to cross-contaminate your own children.

Uploaded 11/02/2008
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