dis shits cray

i get on ps3 black ops and when black folks are on the mic omfg I get them so riled up it's great. Next time you're on say or do something to piss them off, then mock their music using such phrases as:

"shits cray" (somehow this means this is crazy)
"hunneds" (meaning hundreds) say this repeatedly for a better effect.

In order to troll on black ops, use some of these moves (also look them up on youtube)

-cornering or blocking
when you're on a team game use corners to block your team mates in so they can't move. Then fire your silencer-less gun off to attract enemies to kill both of you, causing you to probably spawn in the same spot so you can repeat.

this requires perks that make you fast, also any gun with lots of rounds and no silencer. Follow around team mates who are obviously trying to be sneaky. look for snipers especially. Run circles around them blocking their path, fire your gun at them causing their position to show up as a red dot on enemy radar, explain to them that your playing free for all and tell them their wrong when they try to explain it's team death match.

These two are good enough to get the "brothers" good and hot. Once they're mad theyre sure to start talking about how if you were in their hood deyd pop u in deh ass nigguh. Then you can say in a nerdy as possible voice that shits crey, that shits real crey. Ur just mad cus i got hunneds of kills, hunneds-hunneds of kills. yaaaaah booooy. For an epic win, get them so pissed they break their playstation monkey raged you fag, shoulda got xbox ape-bitch yaaa boooy

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