Disgusting Misuse of our Polar Bears!

After some discussion with Tomlet and reading about grolar bears, (a hybrid between Grizzly bears and Polar bears). I noticed something very odd.  Tomlet described the hybrid creatures as "Horrors". The articles use this discovery to push the idea for the need to reduce man made  CO2. 

Yet, this hybrid is naturally occurring and was known to exist before the industrial revolution. 

Further research reveals:Polar bears long thought to be descendants of Brown bears are  in fact not. From a research piece in the journal Science called, Nuclear Genomic Sequences Reveal that Polar Bears Are an Old and Distinct Bear LineageApril 19, 2012,

Then I read this. THE ARCTIC'S DWINDLING POPULATION of polar bears all descended from a single mamma brown bear which lived 20,000 to 50,000 years ago in present-day Ireland, new research suggests from the journal Current Biology. July 11 2011.

 Further reading tells me that Brown bears and Grizzlies are the same species. So which is it and why such completely varied conclusions from professional scientific researchers? And why in every case they use these conclusions to to push the idea of global warming? 

With all the scientific data, research, tools, labs, fossils, genetic testing etc. the science still can't get it's act together on the origins of the Polar bear. Yet, they expect sceptics of man made global warming to fall to their knees and beg forgiveness. The weather, climate and climate change variables are umpteen times more complicated than the evolution of the Polar bear. Lets not use this noble beast as a catalyst when we can't even understand it's lineage. It's a disgusting misuse of science and discredits it motivations from truth to political ideologies.

Here's a satirical song from a man who went to see for himself if the polar bears were disappearing. Of course, he finds lots of them but sings about not finding any.

" A musical account of my recent visit to the Spitzbergan archipeligo in the Arctic - a profoundly beautiful place that I would recommend unreservedly! Actualy, I saw a dozen or so bears and the photos are all my own. "  TheDioclese  

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