Divorce is Final

Just got my final decree from the lawyer yesterday.

"It is hereby ordered, adjudged and decreed that the Plaintiff Troll-wife is awarded an absolute and final Decree of Divorce; that the bonds of matrimony heretofore and now existing between Plaintiff Troll-wife and Defendant tomlet be, and the same are, hereby wholly dissolved, set aside, and forever held for naught, and the parties hereto, and each of them, are hereby restored to the status of a single, unmarried person."

The gag order on me revealing the particulars of what went on has been lifted as well.

I'll give you guys (those of you who are left) the whole sordid tale over the next few days.  Right now, I'm tired.  

Blew my back out this morning.  Wasn't doing anything, really.  Just putting on my socks and I dropped to my knees in pain.  Right now I'm on percodan, flexeril, and naprocen.  I over did it on the percs, so I'm a little woozy.  Oh, also took a xanax that my girlfriend left over here.  That probably isn't helping.

I found out in court that she's been reading these blogs and tried to use them against me.  Big fucking deal.  That was the entirety of her case:  I said bad things about her anonymously on the internet.  When I defended myself from the litany of out of context bullshit her lawyer spewed to the judge, I handled it very well:  "Your honor, these things were posted anonymously to a small group of people I don't know online to blow off steam.  Some of the "conversations" opposing counsel makes reference to were hypothetical conversations and a full review of the documents will make it obvious that it was clear that they are stated as such.  What's more, your honor, as anonymously posted things on the internet, they were not intended to be interpreted as factual documents.  I could've posted in those blogs that I'd kidnapped the Linburg baby, but that doesn't necessarily make it so."

So I can only assume that she's keeping tabs on me as I post things here.  That suits me fine.  I invite her to start a profile and give rebuttal here.  If she had the balls to name her profile, Troll-wife, I might even be so impressed as to have a speck of respect for her.  That would be hilarious.  
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