Do It All Again

   We sipped our whiskey until midnight, raced to the lake, and danced in the moonlight.  No music could be heard, except by you and I.  The music came from within and in those days it never stopped.  The weekend seemed to last for only a few seconds and now it feels like a lifetime ago.  It's hard to believe the happiness we shared could ever be torn away.  It was painfully torn away.

   Our time together was short.  At least, the happy time we shared was brief.  I would take back all the pain and heartache I caused if possible.  Do you think you would do the same.  For many reasons, neither of us can make it right.  I know even trying is out of the question.  After all of the pain, I would do it all again.  All of it.

    I would come to your place and cook you dinner, we would sip whiskey all night talking about every aspect of our lives, and I would re-live our first kiss over and over.  I would share the holidays with you and your family.  I would sit with you under the covers watching scary movies.  I would do it all again.  I would find the note you left me on that Monday.  I would read it and cry.  I would talk you into going to the cabin to try and work it out.  I would chase you down to the lake and force you to dance.  We would dance under the moonlight again.  I would drag you into the lake and drown you.  I would do it all again. 
Uploaded 11/14/2010
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