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I'm just going to add some filler so you don't know what I'm writing about yet in the Blog home page. 

This blog is about the power of anonymity and a response to the story about a young girl committing suicide because of a comment left on her formspring page.

If you don't know what formspring is, it is a social question and answer website. A person sets up their own account and sends a link to their "friends" via facebook, twitter, email, etc. But the difference between this website and the others is this is anonymous, so the creator doesn't know who is asking the questions. 

Anywho, a brief summary of the story is a bratty girl left a comment on another girl's formspring page that was extremely mean and nasty. This comment actually led the girl to commit suicide.

It's pretty amazing how hateful some people can be on these websites and what's even more amazing to me is the only thing stopping these people from saying such things to them in real life is the fact that it would not be anonymous.

There may be a reason why these people can say these things with ease and not hesitate because of possible consequences. The reason may be, they have actually never experienced a suicide or any kind of death situation in their life time. They may believe they can say anything because the chances of someone committing suicide are so low.

On the other hand there are people like me that actually have. My best friend and teammate of 6 years committed suicide April 28th 2009. It was a really hard year for me, but I'm much better now and can talk about it easier. But I believe this is the reason I can't joke on any website about suicide because it brings up such a painful memory. 

Recently a fellow ebaumer was talking to me and he said, "prepare to witness your first ebaumsworld suicide." He said this because him and another user were arguing on the featured media comments and they just really hated each other. I guess you could say the person I was talking to just wanted revenge on that guy. I'm sure he was joking but I was still unable to play along with him because of what I experienced. 

But the point of this blog is anonymity, thats why I picked this title. What can anonymity lead us to do? of course most of you don't have a problem with clicking on something that clearly says do not click. But if you had the chance to murder one person, and not someone like Osama Bin Laden, but a person who if you killed in real life, your peers would disown for, would you do it? knowing that no one would ever find out, would you still kill a person?

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