Do the Majority of People Support the Bad Guys?

I have had some experience with low income neighborhoods and their residents. While I understand  that "snitching" is not a good idea because it is socially frowned upon in those neighborhoods and you'll get beat on. I have to wonder is this do to fear, a feeling of vulnerability, a personal interest or the people in those circumstances just like the bad guys?

It seems to me that if a part of society is living with this idea that wanting law and order is undesirable, then are they not accepting tyranny? Do these types of individuals see tyranny preferable to a life of justice as determined by law or do they somehow feel empowered by thinking that they can only take power by their own hand or just accept the people with the biggest baddest gang as their daily rulers?

One example of this phenomenon I have personally observed involved a member of a gang who was afraid of dogs. The area in which he carried out his break ins had many large dogs. I suppose this may have reduced his possibilities of potential targets. He bought a large quantity of ground beef mixed in poison and threw it into the back yards of approximately one hundred homes. The result was over fifty dogs died. Many people witnessed what he done, but no one called the police and no one confronted him for what he done, because he was in the "gang". 

While this attitude seems extraordinary and reserved to poor and ignorant people, I have to wonder if society as a whole at any level of income and education follows this attitude but in a more subversive way or perhaps just pretends it doesn't exist or say,  " I don't care" or  "there is nothing I can do". We all have our lives to live and pay the bills to survive, but is there no way for people to rise above their fears to face the obscenities that permeate society at every level?

This isn't a modern problem, it has a common thread throughout the history of mankind. At points in history the corruption was defeated.  The French Revolution and the American Revolution are examples of people crushing tyranny and taking out the bad guys. Even these great events have not stopped the march of corruption it rises up again and again. As such we as a people must be on guard from those who would harm or cheat society.

Yet, we do not. Just like the poorest ignorant of all souls we too turn our backs, zip our lips to obvious miscarriages of justice. In some cases we cheer it on or even romanticize about it. Like crowds that cheered on Al Capone when he won court challenges, many people support gangster type hoodlums who are known killers.

At a higher levels of society we just sit by while the banksters stole trillions of dollars worldwide. Wall street hucksters ruined peoples retirement plans, on and on. President Bush and his Neo Cons, (not for new conservatives, but for new con artists) attacked a foreign country based on lies. While I was satisfied Saddam Hussein had to be destroyed, they went in on the lie of weapons of mass destruction and terrorist threats. Even when the evil tyrant was executed the new gang just filled the vacuum.

I read about John McCain today and learned about the family he married into. How Jim Hensley, the father of Cindy McCain was connected to organized crime and had a criminal record. Despite this he still became the richest man in Arizona and John McCain won his seat hands down. The people just turned a blind eye and accepted  or ignored it.

When I was a teenager I noticed the girls paid their attention to the bad boys. They were more exciting and adventurous, I even played the part sometimes for attention. Are we as a people just more accepting to the evil nature of man, are we fearful of authority, are we too weak to stick up for ourselves, are we all just poor, pathetic, ignorant people who just accept our fate and live by the rules that are dictated to us by thugs in our very backyards?

I know for most of us we still enjoy a relatively good standard of living. Will it last if we ignore the injustices we see around us and not take the time to learn of the people in positions of power? I once asked a high level Canadian bureaucrat about the corruption  that  exist in government today. He said with a smile, " don't complain about the gravy train, just climb aboard". I have to wonder if that train will once again take people to Auschwitz.
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