Do you ever feel destined for greatness?

I certainly feel as though one day, i'll be there amongst the stars. I want to be an actor. And i dont mean mediocre. I really wish to be there one day. walking down the red carpet with the flashes. Being able to support my family and pay them all back for the years of support that they have given me. I want to be like tom cruise status.


Now, i know that there will be haters who read this and think it is impossible. But the only people who hate are the people who were too afraid to chase their dreams. to be the millionaire, or who were afraid of being judged. and you know, i have encountered dreams hitlers already who have to me to play it safe and just get a normal job with a retirement fund.

And you know, nothing hurts more than a family member telling you that you cant do it. that chasing your dreams is a waste of time. its like ripping out an organ. I had an english teacher tell me that most likely, i wont ever be anything and that i should be a mailman or join the military.

my own grandma says that i might as well become a legal secretary, or just a laywer. But i cant imagine looking back at my life on my death bed, and knowing that i was too scared to ever chase what i know in my heart to be totally the right thing to do. I want to have married my dream girl and have found perfect love. And i want to be able to go back and tell all my peers who ever told me that i cant do it to go fuck themselves and look at their face.


The beauty part of having a dream is that it is never too late to chase it. people think that just because they are over 40 that their life is basically on track for the rest of their life. Hell, you all still have 50 more years! do you really want to spend that exactly how you are now?


if you love being blue collar and in suburbia, then you have already captured your dream. but if you're like an average joe who wanted to make millions, look into it. go back to school and look into business. or become a farmer that you always wanted to be. or cowboy. or whatever. just the point is dont be afraid to do what you believe in. because the in the end, the only thing that could happen is a broken heart for not doing it.


share your dreams and if you are older, tell us what your dreams were. or tell us what your dreams were that you actually accomplished :D

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