Do you like beer?

So, i was just browsing the internet bored as i often am when i came across Beck's website (the beer company). So i went inside and they are looking for (in their words)- We're on the hunt for a charismatic columnist with a nose for offbeat news and everything about our brand point of view: Different by choice. So i immediately thought of the bloggers on eBaumsworld and just thought i'd bring this to everyone's attention incase anyone fancies it. Here's some more info, it looks like quite a good job-

You have a way with words that hold people captive. And you don't shy away from being in the public eye. Then we want you. Give your two cents worth, and we'll give you a handsome salary and other bright perks. Your name and column will be seen by many around the world. Others have 365 days, you have 365 entries in a year. You get to work with Beck's and a congenial creative team in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sounds too good to be true?

If i wasn't going to university next year then i would definately give it a go, i mean who doesn't like beer and it's quite obvious that some of the people who write blogs here have some talent so, just thought i'd let everyone know. I think it would be quite cool to work for a beer company.

Anyway, back to dreaming.....

Uploaded 06/13/2008
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