Do you think Stevie Wonder gets paranoid?

This is obviously a stupid blog, but it just occurred to me do you think Stevie Wonder gets paranoid about what is really happening in the world around him, being blind, of course there have been other famous blind musicians, Ray Charles, Art Tatum and others.   
           But does Stevie sometimes wonder -see what I did there-that his life is some giant scheme to make him happy or gigantic mind fuck like the Truman show.      
   Think about it people always say seeing is believing, he is a fantastically successful recording artist who has played to thousands, but he personally hasn't seen any of it -well he hasn't seen anything since he was a child- for all he knows the crowds could have been recordings -like those on TV comedy shows where the laughing is from the 50's- the interviewers could be close friends and relatives. Perhaps he wakes up at night thinking it is all some sort of conspiracy to make him feel like he is achieving his life long dream.      

    I am sure he lives in a mansion, and has multiple houses in different countries, and lives the life of luxury. But for all he knows he could be sitting in some dank room and told that he is in a mansion, how would he know any different. It reminds me of the children's story of the King who was told his clothes were so expensive and exquisite that only he could see them, when in fact the clothes didn't exist and he was wearing his underwear. To poor Stevie he might be wracked with paranoia and insecurity worrying if the most memorable moments in his life ever actually happened.     
    Since I have mentioned Stevie allow me to share the most racist joke I have ever been told, my friend turns to me and ask's "Why can't Stevie Wonder read?"  obviously I turn to him with a condescending look and blurt out "Because he is blind!" to which my friend replies without skipping a beat. "No because he is black."  I didn't know what was more terrible the fact I laughed like a musketeer or how true to racial stereotyping it is... 
Uploaded 06/21/2013
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