Documentation augmentation

The ability to remain unknown on this site gives us the incentive  to be honest without real life retribution. The stories we tell can be embellished, the facts manipulated our identities holding no responsibilities.

That is obvious to the outsider who like the preacher can roll into town like a rambling weed. Here he can spout his thoughts and remain an invisible target.

What then happens if the preacher has the temerity to keep on preaching regardless of initial rejection. Well, eventually he settles in some people accept him others put up with him.

All the citizens regardless of profession or circumstance may have the same experience.

They present themselves, the citizenry judge them, categorize them, and deal with them.

In a small town, it is said, there are no secrets. Here in Ebaum's world  all secrets remain with the individual and this gives them a sense of empowerment. No one can figure out the answer because the variables are obscured.

It is this empowerment to control our environment that makes Ebaums so attractive. I can reveal only the  information I want to reveal. By presenting the equation with the numbers skewered to one side and a little manipulation on my part I can get you to see my side of the story.

Perhaps, that is not so bad, the harm is minimal and we are having some good fun.

However, I have noticed a real sense of community, people who care for one another, people who advise one another, and people who are just playing for fun.

There is a phenomenon that does concern me, and that is documentation augmentation, or deletion of submissions or comments. Of course, this is fine if we have blurted out things we didn't mean or are embarrassed about. Perhaps drugged up or stoned etc.

Documentation augmentation is accomplished by deleting submissions and comments. Hey, that is all fine and dandy, but if you want to come here and appeal to the good people who genuinely give a shit please let the documentation be a part of public record.

If your here just for fun or to mess with people do what ever the hell you want, but if you want honest answers give us and leave us all the facts.

After all I can't reach into my screen and choke a bitch!

Uploaded 07/13/2010
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