Dodging Bullets

Shanon and I flirted and some of her friends started telling her to ask me out. She did and I said no because she was married. I had heard from others that her husband was a heavy drinker and abusive to her. A few months later she came up to me with a big smile on her face and said her divorce was in the works. We went on our first date on a Friday The day her divorce became official.

Her ex was a nut. Before the divorce he would call or stop in at work and give her the 3rd degree. Did I mention I was her boss? Well that plays into the next part. We kept things pretty quiet at work. She lived in another town, 45 minutes away, so she would drive to where I lived for dates. She thought this was best as well since her ex had taken to driving by her house several times a day to check up on her.

Like many relationships as things got more serious things got worse. We broke up around Christmas. She told me in March she was going to start dating another guy at work. Working with her went from happy fun time to pure hell. I put in for a transfer to another store to get away from the mess I had created. Trying to act like nothing was wrong at work was next to impossible. The worst was when I was out getting a smoke and I saw her getting into the new boyfriend's car. She looked way too friggin' happy and it pissed me off that they didn't have to hide their relationship.

Now for the bullets. I mentioned they didn't have to hide their relationship but maybe they should have. Turns out her ex was still keeping tabs on her at work. Her new boyfriend came into work a few days later looking like he had fought a few rounds with Mike Tyson. The next week this guy found his car in the parking lot with 4 flat tires. The ex had slashed them all. A week later the same car was in need of a few new windows.

I ran into her a while back and the ex finally got what he deserved. A lengthy jail sentence. She had gotten remarried and had 2 more kids. I was happy for her because the daughter she had with the loser had health issues. Her daughter deserved better.  She deserved better.
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