Does anyone know any good recipes?

i'm not talking about your favorite recipes for grandmas apple pie. I'm talking about recipes for food with weed in it. I ask because this thanksgiving I was hanging out with my cousins from New York and they offered me some homemade blueberry muffines. so i'm like fuck yeah I fucking blueberry muffines so they left me alone and went to go get some drink. It was like 11 Am and there was a whole tray of them so i'm like fuck it i'll just pig out. when they came back i had already eaten 3 and a half muffines.While on my fourth they walked in and were shocked at how much i had eaten. I ask whats the big deal and that when they told me of their special ingrediant. Needless to say about half an hour later I was so fucked up that i tought i had the power to read minds......i didn't

then they cousins thought it would be funny to put me in the box. if you don't know what the box is it's just when you put an imaginary box over someones head who is really stoned and pretend that they are in a sund proof box. They even put the TV on mute then took out the batteries on the remote so i couldn't turn up the volume. this went on for what seemd like for ever then i left the room to go get more food. I started panicking because i really thought i was in the box went back into the room and put my cousin into a submission hold until he took me out of the box.

so after this little "joke" i decided im going to get them back. so i ask you people of ebaums know any good recipes?

Uploaded 12/11/2008
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