Does Smoking Pot Lead To Prostitution?

Recently there's been many debates about how legalising marijuana worked great in some countries because the criminal rate of people getting caught smoking it by the police dropped drastically. Are you serious? If it's legal, then why would they be getting caught by the police? Another thing is, if you look at Holland, where pot has been legalised, you'll notice something very interesting.

Holland is one of the first countries that legalised marijuana but it's also the country known as Europe's brothel. Why? Because there's red light districts in every town there, filled with thousands of hookers. That's strange, does it have to do anything with the legalisation of marijuana? 

Studies show that 97% of the hookers asked if they ever smoked pot said "yes." A commonly known practice of an addict prostituting herself for pot applies here. A marijuana junkie sell herself to her drug dealer and both actions are legal. She later feels like it's an easy way to earn money.

Approximately 25% of women in that country has prostituted themselves at some point. It was often because they were under the influence of the drug. I don't mean fun stuff like getting drunk and stripping for your class on a trip in high school. I mean going to bed with someone for money continuously. 

There's no red light districts in America, but what if pot would be legalised and the whiny junkies would whine about legalising prostitution across America? Yeah, think about that. That's what your brain is for.

Uploaded 10/20/2012
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