Does this make me an asshole?

I'm struggling with myself over this issue I'm having with a friend, we'll call him Bob.

We started a blog back a while ago. It was hosted on a server company called I was the more technically smart of the two of us, so I installed WordPress on the server. We had the blog up and running for about a month.

After a while, I decided that I didn't like what Bob was doing with the website. I decided to quit, and leave the entire website to him.

After about a week or two, Bob got angry with, because their service was terrible, and the website loaded very slow. He decided to move the website to a different web hosting company.

He moved all the files over to the new web hosting company, but had problems getting the website to work. He then contacted me, asking me to install the website for him again.

"Please man, I need to get this done. It's super easy, it'll only take you 5 minutes."

This summer, I got my first summer job ever. I was a recreation co-ordinater, and I basically played games with kids all day, and got payed for it. I worked outside from 8 to 3 each weekday, and was barely on the computer at home, which isn't normal for me, because I'm usually always on the computer.

Because I wasn't on the computer any more, I didn't want to install WordPress. I didn't want to do anymore work on a website that I was no longer a part of.

I gave him a video tutorial on how to install WordPress, but he still was having problems with it, and still asked me to help him install it. At this point, I decided to block him (he was communicating to me on MSN, he lives far away.)

So today, which is a month after he last asked me to help him, I unblocked him. He said hello to me, and I said hello back. I then apologized for not helping him, because I was spending most of my time outdoors.

"Don't tell me you didn't have time, man. It would have taken you, like, 20 minutes. You just didn't want to be bothered. I thought we had a sort of friendship thing going here. You were just being an asshole to me, so fuck off."

Remember, he was telling me that this was an easy thing to do, and that it would only take a few minutes. Whenever I asked him why HE couldn't do it, he replied by saying it was because he didn't know what to do. But he could have easily asked someone on a forum or something for help, if it was so easy.

So basically, people of eBaum's World, I'm asking you this question: I didn't fix his website, because I didn't want to. But, he was my friend, asking me to do him a favor. Does the fact that I didn't fix his website for him make me an asshole?

Thanks a lot for reading,

Gavin C. Stewart

Uploaded 08/30/2008
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