Does what we watch in the media affect how we veiw politics?

Recently I've been wondering about how much our news media (television, news papers, political commentators,ect.) affect how we think on these issues. It seems our veiws are based on how the news represents and directs the issues. Like for example when we watch the news and they negativitaly put down the war in Iraq. They tend to push the issue on the death toll and money being wasted and why are we there. In otherwards it seems like their pushing us to believe that the war is bad. They never seem to recap the positive things of acheivement since we have been over there. Another example is recently the economic situation. Several times they pointed out the negative sides of the bill they were trying to pass to help our economy(im not saying i was in favor for it). They never listed any positive things that the bill could do for us(except that it would bail the banks out) but then turned it around to being a bad thing. I know i coulda explained this better but is it just me or is the media trying to force their opinions on us to believe as they do? Why can't they just state the facts and let us draw our own conclusion to the issues? Even when trashing the war remind us of the things we acheived! If i was in the military risking my life and seeing my buddies get killed i'd be pretty pissed that someone said the war is pointless and not reconize what we have acheived!

Uploaded 10/02/2008
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