Dogs ftw....

so im pretty sure i've mentioned my dogs before...


Max - a lab  & dacshund mix full of energy, loves water and playing fetch.

Presh - a "teacup" chihuahua quite fiesty but sweet at times... ive had her the longest.

Bailey - the puppy mentioned in one of my more recent blogs that i "rescued" after a couple beers.


So anyway,  im chillin here at the house, drinking some JD and coke.. (not ucm, i know right)  watching max and bailey play, and just like, wow dogs are so much better than cats.  They all have a blast playing with eachother, when i take them to my parents house, they get all excited to see their dogs(cousins?) No matter how long you've been gone when you return they're happy to see you, and they are so interactive.

I know some people are like "um omg cats are better" and im like fuck that.  "oh but cats are so independtant" yeah so is a fuckin goldfish, whats your point?  Cats more or less just use you,  they want you to feed them and then come for attention when they feel like.   Nothing is like having a dog or dogs.  


There is definately a reason they have been given the awesome titles as "Man's best friend".... Dogs FTW! 

Uploaded 12/15/2009
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