Don't Be A Desperate Wanker

Wiping the 3 drops of cold, yellowed semen off his laptop keyboard, young Dominic Morris had just finished his 53rd wank of the day. As he was about to clear his internet history, which consisted of disabled chimpanzee sodomy and unnatural eyelid sex, Dom noticed the striking title of the chat site that he had just briefly visited called As it was 4am, this was relatively early for Dom to go to bed, so he thought "why not" and decided to visit the site again. His first visit was purely out of general interest, as he presumed it was a site where girls insert long lengths of salami, pepperoni and other phallus shaped meats inside their orifices. 

On this live streaming chat site, it gave you the option to sign in using any user name you want, so Dom chose the guise 'Young-And-Well-Hung.'
Almost immediately, Dom got inbox messages from various different individuals asking him for his age and location details. Dom dismissed most of these messages, as they were all from men with names like 'RectumRaider69', but one message stood out from the rest - it appeared to be from a girl named 'SexySuzie' and the message read "hey stud, I'm young and horny and I'd love you to pay me a visit one day so you can show me how young and well-hung you really are ;) hehe." As Dom was a pure virgin who had never so much as held hands with a girl, he instantly become aroused and his gullible mind compelled him to proceed with the conversation. After a while of talking in great detail about what 'SexySuzie' can do to herself with a bunch of carrots, Dom decided to take things to the next level and ask to meet up with this apparently sexually adventurous female - she agreed.

So, the next day, Dom dressed in his smartest clothing, which consisted of his Berghaus jacket that has just been freshly washed using a hose pipe and a bar of carbolic soap, a pair of grey jogging bottoms that had a sex chat line number drew on them with permanent marker pen from when he could not find a piece of paper - and finally, a pair of dark blue flip flops which were bought from Peacocks on special offer because there was chewing gum stuck to the bottom. Dom then quickly collected his gifts for her, which were a Cadbury's dairy milk bar and a half-drunk Snowball from last Christmas and proceeded to take the bus into Eccles bus station.

After 6 hours of waiting patiently for his mysterious female friend, Dom decided that his date wasn't going to make it. So, he collected his presents and set off walking in the general direction of North, because he felt like. Whilst he was trying to mask his upset by frantically rubbing his genitals via the deep pockets in his jogging bottoms, he did not notice the unmarked black van that was slowly driving beside him. "Oh Mr. Well-Hung, I've been waiting for you" grunted a voice from out of the wound-down window of the van. All Dom managed to see as he turned to see where the voice had come from was a large, burly man who forcefully hit Dom across the face with what appeared to be a chair leg - rendering him unconscious.

As Dom woke up in a haze, he was quick to notice that he was bent over a pool table at a full 90 degrees angle with his trousers and underwear missing. Furthermore, his hands were handcuffed behind his back and each one of his legs were tied to the back legs of the pool table, inadvertently spreading his legs apart, revealing his rusty sheriffs badge. Still half-concious, Dom could barely hear the footsteps looming behind him, before they came to an absolute stop. A pair of rough, cold hands then began to caress both of his buttocks, and they definitely did not belong to that of the young girl which he originally intended to meet. After 5 minutes of these hands caressing the round curves of Dom's hairy arse cheeks, the mystery person decided to show their face by laying themselves across Dom's back and putting their face next to his. To his horror, as Dom turned his head to look in their eyes, the mystery person was a balding man with a severe case of gingivitis. "hi there, my name's Derek and I'm your mystery date" hissed this hideous individual as Dom gagged at the foul stench of his putrid breath. 

Derek then proceeded to insert his flaky, diseased penis into Dom's un-lubed brown starfish, rutting himself forwards in order to shove in the whole length of his fully erect, 4-inch trouser snake. Dom yelped is severe pain as Derek thrusted his HIV positive dick in and out of his bleeding anal cavity, making his 23-stone gut flop up and down on Dom's quivering back. Derek then grabbed the back of Dom's head in a fit of pure passion and inadvertently began slamming Dom's face into the green felt of the thick, wooden pool table. Now, with a bleeding nose and a snapped anal ring, Dom was in unbearable pain - but Derek conveniently blew a load of HIV infected, blood-filled semen deep into Dom's pulsating sphincter before he passed out.

As Derek withdrew from Dom's prolapsed, torn and diseased anus, he wiped the bloody faeces from his red, inflamed penis with a single Kleenex tissue and thanked Dom for the fun he just had. Derek then proceeded to untie Dom from the legs of the pool table and remove the handcuffs which were keeping him prisoner in the layer of a sodomising, HIV-positive, undesirable rapist. Dom then made his way out of the door and continued on his journey home.

The next afternoon, Dom was awaken by his mother. As it was 6 O' clock in the afternoon (tea time in that household) she pulled off his bed sheets in order to get him out of bed. As she revealed his naked lower body, she noticed the maggot-infested mass of pulsating flesh that was once his beautiful, winking brown butterfly. As she stood there frozen is shock/horror, Dom accidentally cum-farted directly into her face. As Dom gingerly turned around to see what he had just done, to his horror, she had immediately died on the spot from getting the highly lethal and vile concoction of stale, HIV-positive, blood-filled semen in her bewildered, open mouth.

Now Dom lives on the streets, whoring himself out to gay homeless men, as he kind of liked the torturous rape that he endured at the hands of Derek. Dom can only be obligated to try and have some kind of fun, as he only has 3 days to live due to the HIV he contracted developing into aids. Of course, Dom isn't entirely happy with his current lifestyle, but he does earn a small amount of money by opening up his gaping asshole to passers-by, hoping they throw loose change inside his mouldy and puss-filled sphincter. 

The moral of the story is:

Don't be a desperate wanker like Dom.
Uploaded 02/28/2012
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