Don't blink or you will miss it..........................

I was scanning the channels this morning and saw something that happened but it was so quick I missed most of it, so I turned over to the conservative channel because it is the only place where you can get HALF of the truth.


After two years of heavy fighting the US turned over control of another area of Iraq to  Iraq's guard. It is funny that everybody wants us out of Iraq but when it comes to this type of news it is overlooked for some other newsworthy story or another. The democrats and the liberal media do not want you to know that we are making headway over there so they will tell the story with all the excitement of paint drying. Our young men and women ARE making a difference in the world and we should be celebrating every victory just as the liberal media points out the losses we have.


Do not let the great work being done by our men and women be overshadowed by a corrupt political system and that includes BOTH parties there is plenty of fault to go around.


I am sorry I did not have the name of the area where we kicked their butts but IT DID HAPPEN.

Thanks for reading Bohank.

Uploaded 09/02/2008
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