don't copy america

what the fuck is wrong with english, seriously its like trash dump yard of languages just all mixed together. I don't even know how people learn this shit. It's spanish, french, german all mixed up with some rules about how to say things a certain way without offending someone. Not even say but even write. A comma can make a huge difference. We got the southern dialect, north, north east, south west. It's got it's own fucking accents that even I have a hard time picking up, to the point that someone from Virginia speaking to me (from California) speaking the same fucking language is having a hard time knowing what he's saying. He's speaking words I know, same language, but just because he pronouncing it different makes it 10 times harder. Someone from Cali might throw in some mexi english, speak slow as shit. Someone from New Jersey speaks fast as fuck. We picked up, stole and borrowed so much that I really can't agree that english is it's own language. It bothers me that other countries are teaching their people english so they can compete in universal finances n shit. Yo! America does our own shit. I won't even go into if it's the most efficient. We use fucking inches, miles, pounds, fahrenheit. Stop trying to copy us. It's wrong. It's ours and its FUCKING wrong. Take pride in your culture, don't copy us. It's wrong but god dammit its American.
Uploaded 11/06/2013
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