Don't Do Drugs

My friend's buddy was an average guy, going to high school. Let's name him Charles. He was getting decent grades and avoided any conflict. His classmates liked him. But it took one wrong choice to throw him down the drug spiral.

It was summer of 2013 when he was chilling,. playing Call Of Duty with his friends, when one of them (the guy who's house they were playing at) said that his parents were out of town and that he has something awesome to show them. It was a blunt. He smoked it and passed it to another one of his peers. He did the same and then passed it to Charles. Charles never even smoked a cigarette before, but under peer pressure, he tried the joint. He started coughing and his friends laughed. After a few more puffs he learned how to inhale that shit properly. He liked the feeling.

A few days later Charles wanted to smoke weed again. His friend didn't have any, but he told him that he knows a dealer. The dealer sold Charles the drugs, and he didn't charge much. That's because dealers give a huge rebate to new clients. Charles didn't know that. Another thing is, Charles would rarely find someone who wanted to smoke weed with him, so he started to hang out with pimps and prostitutes.

After a few months, Charles was a regular junkie. He had to start his day with a joint and couldn't sleep without having a smoke first. He was selling out his CD collections and other stuff. He tried getting different part time jobs but people soon realised that he's a shit worker and it was obvious that he's a junkie, so most people didn't even think twice about hiring him.

One of the prostitutes Charles was hanging out with told him that he can get some money by sucking off some guys, but Charles didn't wanna hear about it. The urge to smoke was too big, though, so he decided to rob a grocery store to get the money. It didn't work out too great for him because the owner pulled a gun on him and started shooting. He barely ran away. When he came back home his parents announced that they are sending him to rehab. He ran away from home the next day.

His body was found 3 days later, in a dark corner of the slums. The coroner examined Charles' body and found out that he's overdosed on marijuana. They've also found semen in Charles' stomach, which would explain how he got the money to buy pot.

What happened? Charles was probably too ashamed of what he's done and smoked too much pot, and he overdosed.

The moral of this story? Don't give in to peer pressure when it comes for doing drugs. Even a gateway drug, like marijuana. If you do feel the need of taking drugs on parties, go for something refined and safe - like MDMA or stick to alcohol. Don't be a retard and don't listen to junkies telling you how pot is safe and cool. They are usually dealers trying to find another sucker to sell their stuff to.

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