Don't forget grandma, PLEASE.........

So today I had to go to the grocery and I was sitting in my car just thinking and finishing up my smoke and this old lady about 75 or so pulls up behind me and BAM just rams my car. The part that got me was she just got out of her car and walked on in, I have to tell you I was mad at first and then I just started laughing as a matter of fact I am still laughing, I follow her inside and I stop her and ask "hey mam do you know you rammed my car?" Her response "I didn't hit you I bumped the pole" well there was no pole between our cars and I waited to show her and it just got worse she accused me of moving her car and I am Laughing so damn hard at her and I know this is not helping matters but it was just so FUNNY!!!! I finally got her to admit she hit ,my car and then she is telling me she has no money and no insurance and the whole time I am trying to tell her I didn't want any money but I doubted her ability to drive. She got in her car and just pulled away so I called the cops and told them about what happened and they know this lady from guess where???????? Yes at this store ramming another car so I made the report and the officer told me she was quite well off and I could make her pay for the small dent in my bumper but I couldn't bring myself to do it. So when you leave home don't forget to stop by grandma's and ask her if she needs something PLEASE keep her off the road for all of our sakes.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 03/11/2009
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