Don't mess with karma

So the other night, my friends and I decide it would be funny to egg some people. I don't think its funny because i've had alot of shit thrown at me when im walking. One time, i got egged. That wasnt really so bad.

Another time, I was slurpeed. This isn't as erotic as it sounds. It consists of me walking home at elven at night in 25 degree weather and some asshole thinks its funny to throw and 80 mph slurpee at me. So now im even more cold and sticky.

The second to worst time was the time someone threw a gallon of water at me. They missed. Once while riding my bike home from school, a girl threw an ice cream cone at me. I just saw this delicious treat go whizzing past my head.

So to exact my revenge on society, I decide to go egging. We go driving around throwing eggs at random cars (i didnt throw any), and the fastest case of karma that i have ever seen took place. My friend goes to throw an egg from his passenger seat using his right hand. He hits the window frame, the egg explodes inside the car, and he breaks his pinky. We pull over, and see his pinky is cocked at a 90 degree angle, and then make him clean the car. Then we attempt to do this some more damage, but this makes it worse when our car later dies on the freeway and we have to wait 3 hours for a tow truck.

If anyone else has some karma stories, do share! =D

Uploaded 07/22/2009
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