Don't Read This Unless You Dislike Conservatives.

I have always tried to work,no matter what it was.I raked leaves.shoveled snow,cut grass,hung and cut tobacco and that was as a kid.I got older and started getting paid by the hour.My first job paid .90 cents an hour.My first election i voted for Jimmy Carter,that one i lived to regret.I worked in a chemical factory,they were non union and had very dangerous business practices,so i did what every good liberal worth their salt would do,i organized the workers and we voted in a union.The United Steelworkers Of America.I voted for Carter again, against my better judgement.I was a democrat,what else could i do.I forget the time period, but i also voted for Jessie Jackson in a primary,but anyway i never realized how lazy people could get until they had a union to back them up.I was elected the president of the local steelworkers for 2 terms.I became very involved in politics at this point,that's when i slowly realized that i was a conservative.I say conservative because i hate to give away my money or anyone else's.That is what both parties are good for, more so the democrats than the republicans,although you couldn't tell the difference looking back the last 4 years.I believe that if you are elderly you should get free health care,if you are legitimately handicapped you should be taken care of,if you served in the military you should get health care,if you get laid off you should get unemployment.The rest of you that are able to work then you are on your own,it doesn't matter how many kids you have,get off your asses and provide for your kids.If we would get rid of all the entitlement programs and stop supporting other countries we would be better off.The democrats claim to be the party that cares for minorities.Check your history it was the democrats that were opposed to the civil rights movement,it was the republicans that was responsible for the passing of L.B.Js. policies.I mean hell you had George Wallace in the democratic party.You had Al Gores father against the movement and best of all you've got Senator Bryd from west Virginia,he was the grand wizard of the KKK it doesn't get any better than that.The democrats were the smartest of the two,they realized that if you give money and the promise of more to come,if you vote for them it will  will never end and most of all give false hope,that gets them every time.So in closing keep your free money,government hand outs and false hope.I WILL WORK HARD FOR MINE AND YOU KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uploaded 07/27/2009
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