Don't you see the truth behind the lies?

I am not sure of the length of this blog will be, or if I have a solid point, but hey fuck it, here we go. I go to great lengths to avoid TV channels -I prefer to stream my favorite shows and movies- the reason is twofold, I find that the greater portion of shows these days are detrimental to intelligence. A few of the best, worst examples being Jersey Shore, 16 and pregnant, the real housewives of where ever... I will touch on these perhaps later in this blog.
    The other reason is the adverts, mainly beauty adverts, cosmetics and the like. When I find a show or a movie on TV that is actually worth watching and these adverts come on for example make up products, and they have young beautiful models with perfect skin telling us that we are worth it, and trying to sell the idea that if you slap a couple of inches of the beauty muck on your face, you will look just like them. We know -well I hope a great portion of us would know- that if you are not as beautiful as these women, slapping war paint on isn't going to change that. Or the skin scrub adverts which have models with perfect skin telling us that if you use this product you too will have flawless skin, even though the models themselves are slapped up to the max with make up. The list could go on. Before I move on I believe that even though the greater portion of humanity at large do not look like the socially accepted beauty you see on TV, but that doesn't make each and every human being any less spectacular, we are beautiful in our own right, we are the product of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. We are unique and have our own treats and talents, we don't have to emulate strict social conventions who make you ashamed of the way you look. 
     I am starting to get to my point here trust me, we live in a world where people try to emulate the people they see on the TV, in the shows and the adverts. They believe what the TV tells them, they begin to think like the TV, talk like the TV and dress like the TV. Every time I go out to socialize in a bar or nightclub I feel like I am on the scene of one of these garish reality TV shows, I myself am plain and do not have a bottle tan or stylish haircut of designer clothes I look out of place in these haunts for the social elite pretenders. I catch glances of these people who try to emulate the TV shows and adverts looking at me as if I am confusing, I want to scream out that they are the ones who are out of place here, I am reality, they are the allusion. But I don't as I could not possibly compete with the power of the media. 
    I digress, my point being is how have we fallen so far so fast? How do these people not see the clever marketing ploys which make you feel insecure about your body enough so that you buy these superficial products that arguably don't work, and definitely don't give you the perfect beautiful look that the models have. I laugh at the sheer lunacy of these adverts, but a great many people look at them and think that they need them and go out and buy them. 
     Then it hits me, in my opinion the reason this is happening is the break down of the family unit, the degeneration of healthy family environments.  A family use to be -and still is in some households- where parents were wholly involved in their children's lives, where they were nurtured into being adults. But now a great many number of families allow the TV to bring up their children, so long as the children are in front of the TV and out of mommy and daddies way and watching the goggle box, it is fine as the more the TV tells them the less the parents have too. It has gotten so bad that there are now entire generations who after their meager and failing education never learn anything else that hasn't come out of the TV. In decades past your parents were your role models for life, your founding for who you are and who you want to be. But now for a great portion of society, that role model is now the TV. This becomes a vicious circle as those children who were raised by the TV have children themselves and put their children in front of the TV as this is how they were brought up, in the future I shudder to think what will happen to families if the mass media marketing machine continues to grow. 

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