Dope freestyle i wrote

From the 707, mac11, 007, golden eye, i stay high, lookin fly, petaluma's drug supply, people ask me why, cause i love the game, it runs in my veins, dont do it for the fame, i do it for respect,catch me in my set, in my hood, our pills and cream be good, if u in the hood then holla, i will holla back, hand on my strap, shoot a nigga broad daylight no mask, gone in a flash, gotta watch out for the gang task, force, showin no remorce, straight cold blooded, momma hates it bitches love it, plenty of cash i got much of it, fresh outta jail, cant post bail, cause it juvi, alcohaul and drugs just to fuel me, fuel like gas, i need cash, dont worry bout ass that comes easy, kraft maceroni be way too chezzy, my girl aint slezzy, she be bad, best girl i ever had, glad she's mine, fallon be prime, yea a straight dime, if your not talkin money i aint wastein time, on the grind like all the time, ima true star so u cant stop my shine

its not much but it was a quick freestyle that i did write, still young and spittin mad flows, lemme know what u think of it...............................................
Uploaded 05/18/2012
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