Doped up on day quil

So i've been dealing with a bitch of a cold over the span of the last few days, and currently i'm at worked, zoning out, because the day quil makes me a little fuzzy. I'm relatively happy I've made it through my double shifts today, as now I only have two days of double shifts left.

I only wish I got more sleep last night. Would have, had my better half and his buddies not been drunk and singing on our back patio which is convieniantly located 15 ft away from our bedroom windows. I can't bitch too much, because if you've read my previous blogs, this doesn't even begin to compare to my drunk activities. I just wish they could have picked a different night to have a drunk bar be que and sing along.  Going to bed at 3am would have been much nicer than finally falling asleep at 5:30am. Well, it's not like my boyfriend tried to pierce any part of his body... or ruin our furniture... or pee on a chair... i'll stop embarassing myself now, though I know he will gladly list many, many, MANY more of my drunk fuck-ups.

On an unrelated note, I feel like I've been recently punched in the left side of my throat, it hurts like hell when I touch the bones right below my jaw.

In other news, I saw that Harry Potter movie last night. Watching it when it premiered was something I could have done without, but the wait in the line for the hour and a half outside the theatre, the wait inside the theatre for the next hour and a half, and the screaming, giggling, adolescents weren't nearly as bad as I thought it would be and the movie was a great one. I laughed a lot, I gasped (as opposed to crying), I let out a small yelp when they previewed the Trailer for the next Twilight movie... Having said that, I want to make a public acknowledgement that my better half provided me with what was a good suprise and I'd like to announce that I am an ungrateful bitch who doesn't deserve such a thoughtful boyfriend. Thank you :) Maybe I'm just saying this because of the cold meds. Yep, it's probably the cold meds.

Good God, I'm ready to go home...

Uploaded 07/16/2009
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