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Let's clap it up for one Lawrence Taylor. A 13 year all - pro linebacker in the National Football League. Lawrence, what the fuck is wrong with you? Arrested for raping a 15 - 16 (conflicting reports) year old girl? Have you completely lost it? Listen up crackhead. I don't care how many drugs you are on. You do not rape women!How stoked do you guys think Big Worthlessburger and La Tigre (Tiger Woods) are right now? The spotlight is temporarily off of them.Continuing, Lawrence Taylor was such a dominant force on the football field they changed the damn game for him. However, as talented as he was on the field avoiding the blocks of offensive linemen, catching the quarterback, he was just as talented about being retarded and abusing drugs.

- In 1987 he admitted and tested positive for cocaine resulting in being suspended for 30 days from the N.FL. Oh ya, this was his second offense. When asked about it, his quote was, "I saw coke as the only bright spot in my future." Phenomenal.- 1995 he went through a rehab program not once but twice.- From 1995 - 1998 he was arrested twice for buying cocaine from under - cover police officers.- November of 2009 he left the scene of an accident- May 6th (Today's Story)It really is a sad state of affairs. On a positive note, on ESPN they said that Taylor posted bail and is on his way home to his wife. I'm sure she's stoked. 16 year old chicks broseph.

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