so in my previoes blog i weaved a story of vengeance and intrigue for you my avid readers. it was all about working at a pawnshop, and our revenge against a lazy employee. i suggest reading that blog before you continue because the story slowly builds to its climactic end.

now first, let me say that i actually liked steve. he was a cool guy but he just did not want to work. which is fine in and of itself but when the other employees have to pick up his slack in an already demanding job, something had to be done. i tried talking to him, he wouldnt have it. we tried talking to his brother (owner of the pawnshop), he made excuses for him. in addition to all this, he made more money than all of us. even more money than the manager. we tried all avenues before we resorted to guerilla warfare.

we thought the mace tp or the panty cam would have taught steve a lesson but it didnt. instead he just took more smoke breaks or walked around the block. the owner of the pawnshop owns the whole block so steve would just hide in aother building.

now our manager eddie took a serious disliking of steve. mostly because he knew how lazy he was, but also because steve made more money than him. now eddie was a little mexican guy (picture danny devito with spiked hair), and with that small stature, came the biggest case of napoleon syndrome youve ever seen. because he was so small, he had this fascination with his own dick which he claimed was huge. he was especially fond of pulling it out and showing anyone who dare question his fallic superiority. he tried pulling it out to show me and i threatened to cut it off with a machete a guy had just pawned (he put it away).

in the back of this pawn shop was a room we called the ebay room. in this room was a computer and all the stuff in the pawn shop we put on ebay to sell. one day, eddie comes out of the ebay room to the front of the shop holding a screwdriver. he tell steve he needs his help in the back and hands him the screwdriver. true to form steve bitches all the way back. we followed them to the ebay room where eddie asked steve to look at the computer monitor, where diplayed was a picture of eddie holding up his cock with the screwdriver that was now in steves hand!!! fucking hilarious! steve threw down the screwdriver and stomped out after eddie told him to " get the fuck back to work".

i thought surely this time steve will get the point. i was wrong, he kept taking his smoke breaks, or doing errands and disappearing for hours. thick headed mother fucker! this time, eddie pulled no punches. several weeks later, he called steve over the intercom to come back into the ebay room to help him move speakers. i had an inkling something was going on so i followed. stev walked toward the basck and, true to form, bitched all the way. the door to the ebay room was closed and steve reached for the knob to open it and grabbed something decidedly more veiny. eddie had taken off the knob and in its place, was eddies cock! steve had grabbed ahold of his meat and tried to open the door!!! oddly enough, eddie had set the back cameras on record so all the other employees could enjoy the fun. steve wwas so pissed he stormed out and left for the day. we laughed, we cheered, we were victorious...

our victory was short lived however, as steve continued his antics the next day with a new ferver. it seemed he had declared war on us now too. he knew he wouldnt get fired, so he stopped working completely, making our jobs that much more difficult.

finally it all came to an end on day as steve was caught stealing. in a pawn shop, the majority of merchandise is jewelry. anything ranging from 10k baby rings and rolex link chains to 24k rings with 4k diamonds. a single ring could have thousands in street value. steve was caught stealing that high end jewelry and his brother had had enough. his brother is a bodybuilder and an all around big guy ( 6'5" ) and hed had enough. he came in the shop swinging and beat the crap out of steve.  steve was a cool guy, but you dont get in the middle of family. so we let the fight go til its end. plus i didnt want to lose my job. so long story short, steve got fired.

last i heard, he had moved up to a hippie commune in washington. he called me wanting to borrow money for wood so he could build a patio outside his tent for his rocking chair. then he got kicked out of there for drinking. i guess to them drugs are fine, booze is bad. picky hippies...

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