Dr. King Comes To Canada

I've been quite intrigued and disgusted with some videos of black people in America behaving with complete disrespect for themselves and others. It's just as disturbing to watch white people take on the coonery lifestyle. The pants around the lower portion of their ass, the bad attitude towards learning and a life full of debauchery. All people have participated in some form of debauchery but it was usually taken with a healthy dose of shame or at least some restraint. What I am witnessing is a total disregard for anything that is decent.

I've come to realize the word "nigger" or "nigga" is actually a weapon on black people being perpetuated by black people. What the fuck is wrong with these people? Do they not realize even the most simple self respecting man is laughing at them? That's what that whole mess with your "niggers" down in the states has added up to. A big tragic comedy festival all at the expense of the black people.

Come on Black Americans and the White Black Americans, pull up your pants, sit them down in class, shut the fuck up and learn.

Here is a great video from Boondocks. Watch it if you have the time or start it at 18 minutes for a great piece of work.

The Boondocks - "Return Of The King" | The Smoking Section - Watch more Entertainment Videos at Vodpod.

Uploaded 03/21/2011
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