Dragon Queen

Dragon Queen


Down here chained to the floor

Whip me and whip me some more

You know you want to; you can taste it

Just another forsaken soul tossed aside and wasted.

Outside, I could fly away.

In here, my wings are clay.

Set me free or hold me back.

Spit in my face for all I lack.

The glass is broken. Cant you see?

Any hopes for me are but a memory.

Its so bad I want to run

I cant though because my legs are numb.

Why must you make me bleed?

Ive given you everything you need.

Make me black and blue.

Im here for the purpose of pleasing you

I have stumbled upon the dragons lair

Her shadows lay dormant from here to there

Could I become one with them?

Just fade away in total Zen?

Maybe I should face the facts.

Im here and theres no turning back.

Leave it to her to end my quest.

I lick my salty wounds, as I become less.


Was it her that took a taste?

Sucked it up and then licked my face?

I see the remains of those from before.

I see them but I cant see the door.

Gnaw on my bones for yet another feast,

My lover, my enemy, my beast.


James Webb


Uploaded 10/20/2009
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