Dragon_Man999 about that goose of yours.

If I may enter the demented  dimension you live in for a second... Ok I'm in.

Now, let's say the goose did lay golden eggs, but as you said these eggs were not solid gold (they had baby geese in them). What would the people they (they being Jack and his family) sold the eggs to do with said eggs. This is an interesting question and I suppose it would depend on who bought the eggs.

I imagine they would sell the eggs to royalty. Well the royalty would just keep them around for their value in gold, possibly trade some, eat some maybe, and keep some around as decoration(probably especially popular around Easter you know just have a fucking basket of golden eggs just sitting there. That would be pretty bad ass.). The ones that didn't get traded for other monetary things or eaten: if they didn't hatch they would start to decay eventually (after all they do have potential geese in them) and then you just have to throw them out. Who's going to keep rotten eggs around? I don't care if they're gold they're going to stink up the whole damn place. You aren't keeping them around so you have to throw them out. This would actually work out good for Jack because now the rich peple need more golden eggs. 

What I think is a realistic scenario (as realistic as you can get when talking fairy tales anyways)... Jack would be selling his eggs throughout the kingdom making a good profit selling his eggs to all the royaly. Well, this is all good for jack, but now the merchants the royaly would buy gold, jewelry, and other shit off of. Their business is in the shitter. Because you know Jack is poor and he's selling his eggs for 1/8 of what the merchants sell their gold for. Needless to say the merchants get pissed. They've had enough of this shit. They're not going t end up poor on account of Jack taking all their business.

So one day the merchants pay Jack a little visit. They have a nice little chat about where Jack is getting all of his golden eggs and such. When Jack reveals that his goose is laying these eggs. The merchants offer to buy the goose off of him, but Jack declines they're offer and sends them on they're way.

This was not a smart move. You see the merchants back in the days of old Jack were a very organized and powerful group (think of the mobs that were trafficing alcohol when the US decided to try the whole prohibition thing). These were not people you wanted to fuck with. Anyways so the day after Jack had his visit with some merchants, he mysteriously dissappeared. Which was really weird because right after this happened some merchants started selling golden eggs, but for 8 times the price Jack was selling them.

In reality noone knows what happened to the golden goose (except for the merchants of course). The original goose has to be long dead by know though, but the merchants were not stupid they more than likely did breed some geese. Where are these geese now though. Well, that's a whole different story and it doesn't to do with Jack.

Hoped this helped Dragon_Man999. Oh and a little bit of advice, if you don't smoke so much PCP then you won't spend your days wondering what happened to the characters in fairy tales.


(I don't know what is more retarded him asking about the goose or me telling him about it.)

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