Drama everywhere else but here

Being in Afghanistan has had it pressing times but over all relatively good. The Marines in general don't have the luxuries of the Army and Airforce out here but honestly to keep us sane it the little thing like Dip and cigarettes that keep us going. But the hard part is the Holidays for most. Sure Christmas time is a time for family and presents but for us out here we just try to ignore the fact that its going on and hope that the next mission ahead no one gets killed. Allot of people say are mind frames are in the insane category, But I watch the news and seems that everything going on back home is what's crazy. Out here to me seems normal to me. Now I know it's been about a minute since I've uploaded and or been on the site, but for all the comments of encouragement that are past from the other staff and mods from the users on here, It truthfully means allot. Hell 3 months into this and I haven't heard nor received any mail from anyone except my wife. But I digress.............

I also see anonymous and 4chan capitalizing on trying to look like badass over the whole wikileaks scandal and all I can say is I laugh my ass off. Seriously...... hacking major corporate sites and then saying it's a protest? I've seen dumbasses before, especially modding on here. But wow. It'll be even funnier watching them get traced and caught, and they will.


But we use proxies they say..................Sure it will help in the short term but the multi-billion dollar corporate Machines they poked a stick at and in turn pissed will retaliate with mythical corporate lawyers who wield a magic pens of lawsuits. It's not question of if they get caught's when. As for wikkileaks, thanks for making life even more difficult for the military. The leaks they show were old but in the present, now the military is soon to be adding more restriction and policies for us and getting an email out to let's say my wife back home and will be an near impossible task in the near future. Thank you Annonymiss and thank you 4chan and wikileaks for adding more Bolshit to an already rough life. Now the one true thing that keeps us going out here "besides tobacco and porn" is going to be hard as hell to accomplish. So with that being said ebaums users, stay clear of this madness and sit on the sideline and watch the show unfold. Don't get caught up in the drama.

And finally, I love the fact that someone anonymously sent my wife an email claiming I was fucking around on her while in Afghanistan. Kinda hard to do were I'm at. And thank god my Wife isn't an idiot. Now I can't do much now and 7 more month seems like a long time, but something to keep in mind, " Dread has a very long memory "  Just Saying....................


To everyone else busting your ass and making the site what it is, keep it up. 3 more months till R&R. And lastly hope everyone has a good Christmas.


Uploaded 12/17/2010
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