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To all,

I had Yank post this blog for me from a Via email due to the fact I won't be on the site for awhile.

Well I'm spreading this to the blog section and forums due to the fact I'm no longer in the states but now what I deem as the asshole of the earth "Afghanistan". And now back in the war zone again and doing my true job as a Marine. We do have wireless out here but it so fucking restricted I canonly get on certain sites. I'll be back in 6 months for leave and then going back for another tour again for another 6 months, So I just Ask yall keep it real. To the trolls of the site" be the best troll you can be. To the uploader's, please Keep the mindframe "quality over quantity" And to the haters.....Suck my dick.

So I'll get on to how it really is out here. Besides the random motherfuckerstaking pop shots with shitty aim, and IED's to handle, Really it's not that bad.I mean shit we have wireless..... 3 meals a day, and tents to sleep in most of the days. Only shitty part is, the weather really fucking sucks, in heat I mean and the sandstorms everyother day. No alcohol, and the restrictions on wireless. And the asshole Taliban. But other than that. It's not that bad. Were out in the middle of nowhere and literally there's miles around us of nothing. It's shitty. but is what it is. The Marines always pickthe cheeriest of places to be. But I'd be lying if I said I don't love this type of shit in my own sick sadistic little way.

So I'll be out of the loop with modding and just a contributor to the site for awhile and probably when I do get backon everyone will be like " who the fuck is this dude?" But I do ask to keep the site going good so when I get back from this godforsaken war zone that I'll return to a even better site. War suck............but porn and a lot of tobacco products make it bearable.

The pic above is actually me and my son holding each other before I left. We literally hugged for 10 minuets straight and all he could say and do is cry and say "No go daddy, No Go!" That Broke my heart.

Happy trails and Semper Fi ebaums world, till we meet again.

Yours truely,


P.S. This aint no bolshit fake blog, This is my reality.

Uploaded 09/21/2010
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