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I love dreaming. Dreams are one of the most personal things i can think of. When you try and describe a dream to someone you can't help but get the feeling that they don't fully understand the depth of what you were dreaming. Regardless of what you actually see, hear and generally experience in your dream, the most important part is how it makes you feel. Feelings are very hard to explain and that is why dreams are virtually impossible to describe. I even enjoy having nightmares within reason. I love the feeling of waking from a nightmare and realizing how ridiculous it was to be frightened of such an unusual situation. I had a nightmare today that i climbed a tree to escape a gang of threatening youths but was easily in reach of them. The tree i climbed was maybe 8 feet tall. As they pulled me down from the tree i woke in a cold sweat. The situation of climbing a tree to escape people is an unrealistic one but the emotions i felt during this nightmare were very real. I genuinely feared for my life and this is a feeling most people will have limited experience with outside of the dream world. That is why i love dreams and nightmares. You get to experience such rare emotions.
Uploaded 12/12/2011
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